7 Reasons Why You Are Becoming More Obese

To maintain optimum weight, the right ratio of calories and energy consumption is important. But sometimes despite healthy eating and regular training, excess pounds reappear.

Here are some of the reasons that can cause sharp obesity.


If you are taking antidepressants, they can cause severe obesity, but the very feeling of depression may cause weight gain.

A 2010 study on the Journal of the American Journal of Public Health found that sad and solitary individuals are prone to obesity because they consume fatty and supplements and skip the physical activity. This condition is also known as emotional overeating.


Contraceptive pills, steroids, beta-blockers, or migraine drugs may cause weight gain. Some of these medicines increase appetite and act to slow down the metabolism. If you notice that your weight increases, consult your doctor for a change in the medicine.

“Lazy” hoses

If you have problems with “lazy” intestines and slow metabolism, this could be the reason for your sudden obesity. Drinking enough water during the day, entering a sufficient amount of fiber, and daily consumption of probiotics can help you deal with this problem.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

The lack of vitamin D, magnesium and iron can affect the level of your energy, and therefore your activity. If you do not have the energy for a healthy lifestyle and exercise, excess pounds will easily get on your body. Check the level of vitamins and minerals in your body and accordingly adjust your diet.

Lack of sleep

When you miss a dream, your body can not function properly and therefore begins to store fat tissue. The lack of sleep perceives the body as stress, and when the organism is in this state, the entire metabolism is disruptive.

A lack of sleep causes additional stress with which many struggle with eating more than usual.


During menopause, women have a slow metabolism, variable mood, poor quality sleep, and increased appetite.

Estrogen (a hormone that serves to maintain weight) disappears, and this begins to accumulate pounds around the waist. If you are in menopause, pay attention to what you consume and regularly exercise.

Various diseases

There are a number of diseases that cause abnormal obesity. Women who have ovarian cysts can gain up to 15 pounds in a short period of time. Liver, kidney, heart and thyroid problems can also cause fat accumulation in the body.