This Man Nearly Died Because of Nail Biting The Risks of This Very Ugly Habit

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You may think that the ugly habit of nail biting is harmless, but it is not. The mania is linked to stress and nervousness. This habit usually arises in childhood, a phase in which anxiety is virtually uncontrollable. You have to try to solve problems like this with the help of antidepressants, but you have to be careful about the side effects.

However, psychological counseling and consumption of natural remedies are safer methods. Just as a lot of people shy away from stress by searching for food, shopping, some people get chewed on their nails.

The idea is to detect what causes so much anxiety in children and to help them. If the addiction starts from adults, the tip is to try to keep the nails always well-cared for, being a man or a woman. This is the only way we can think twice before spoiling them.

Another warning that the experts do is that the parents pay attention since the children tend to copy their manias.

The risks are many, such as:

– Infections

– Deformations

– Definitive loss of the nail

– Interlocking

– Contamination by bacteria and worms

The fact is that putting your fingers in the mouth is creating an environment conducive to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. In addition, the injuries that can cause on the cuticles are painful and tend to infect. If this is the case, the treatment is based on antibiotics and antimycotics. That is, gnawing nails is not harmless. It is a habit that poses a threat to health.

Want an example?

Scotsman Ricky Kennedy, 57, had a serious infection due to the habit of biting his nails. Kennedy accidentally damaged the nail bed (the part under the nails) and noticed a bubble beginning to form on his thumb. What at first seemed harmless took him to the hospital for months, fighting for his life!

“If it were not for Ghislaine [his 65-year-old wife] to call an ambulance, I would be dead,” says Kennedy. This is exactly what happened with Luke Hanoman, 28 years old. Luke had a nervous habit of nail-biting, and after chewing the skin on the side of his nail in July last year, he suddenly began to have flu-like symptoms. The symptoms began as cold sweats, tremors and overheating – quite typical signs of any flu. Things started to become worrisome when Luke’s fingers swelled – the pain was unbearable and he could not take it anymore. Luke endured his symptoms for a whole week, thinking he would recover on his own.

Fortunately, his mother had the intuition that something was seriously wrong and took Luke to a hospital. The doctors immediately knew Luke’s situation was terrible – he had a high fever and red lines all over his body, a common sign of a widespread infection. They watched him for 24 hours, applied antibiotics for four days, and treated the infection on his finger. Luke was healed and then discovered that he was very close to death – and it was all because he had the habit of biting his nail.

This news blog about natural treatments does not replace a specialist. Always consult your doctor.


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