Alkalize Your Body With This Delicious Alkaline Smoothie

You might ask, “What’s healthier than a smoothie?” Well… there’s smoothie and then there’s Alkaline smoothie ! This smoothie retain the fiber from the fruits and the vegetables you use. Fiber helps your body naturally rid itself of toxins and also fiber can improve digestion. Also helps you feel satisfyingly full, and stay that way. Ingredients: 500 … Read more

7 Super Useful Beauty Hacks That Will Bring Your Beauty Care On Next Level

The beauty care is not easy task but we women are born to do it and just this is our daily habit as many other. I’m sure that sometimes you get annoyed from the beauty care product effects e.t.c. but you can simply try some other tips and that is. If you are in a search for … Read more

A 10-Minute Butt And Abs Workout For Strong Muscles

Having strong glutes will help to strengthen your entire posterior chain (the muscles along the back of your body), including your low back, which is involved during some core-focused exercises. Osorio created this 10-minute workout for SELF to work both muscle groups in one challenging but effective routine. Plus, the moves in her workout also … Read more

Forget lemon water: This is the new discovery for body detoxification and weight loss and it works perfectly!

One of the most difficult things to do for your body is definitely removing fat from the belly area and losing weight. We just have to know what the proper way for the elimination of these fats is. In this article, we’re going to present you a very powerful drink that will make your metabolism … Read more


Apple cider vinegar, in addition to its very characteristic aroma, has substances that are biologically active, with which it is possible to eliminate bacteria and germs that can be very harmful to our organism.This product will bring you incredible benefits just by using it once a week on your feet, yes, on your feet even … Read more

The 5 Best Detoxifying Salads That Will Make You Feel Better In A Week

Detoxifying salads

At this moment, we are all affected by the accumulation of waste. The causes of that are numerous like daily food overload, lack of physical activity, poor quality of life, too much stress etc. All this deserves a detoxifying cure that your body will thank you. When we notice symptoms such as tiredness, dark circles, difficulty … Read more

10 Signs That Your Liver Needs To Detox

the liver

The liver is a second largest organ in your body, which occupies significant space in the upper right abdomen. It plays a great role in digestion, producing bile. The liver converts excess of sugar to glycogen and stores it as a reserve of energy. Detoxification is the second important role of this organ. Your liver … Read more

Did You Know That You Can Detox Your Body Through Your Feet?


According to the Chinese beliefs and the reflexology system, our feet are the location of natural energy zones which are directly related to important body systems and organs. Therefore, through the zones on the feet, we can effectively cleanse the body from the accumulated toxins. Here are several ways to detoxify the body through the … Read more



Consumption of alcohol, smoking, unhealthy starchy foods, and hereditary kidney problems are the primary causes of having kidney toxicity and dysfunctioning kidneys. Kidney toxicity is usually characterized by mild pain on the lower back. However, if you ignore this symptom, it can result in serious complications, such as kidney stones or total kidney failure. The … Read more

Drinks Before Bedtime That Clean Your Liver And Burn Fat

mint tea

Detoxification occurs best while we are asleep because that’s when the body starts to rebuild and regenerate its tissues. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver, which represents the main detoxification organ, functions optimally between 1 am and 3 am. That’s why these detox drinks are so beneficial! However, it is necessary to know that … Read more