Method 1: Salt and lemon juice* Ingredients :° salt° ½ lemonto prepare1. Generously sprinkle salt on the rusted piece until it becomes a thick layer.2. Squeeze the lemon juice over the salt to gently soak the mixture.3. Leave this mixture to sit for 10 minutes.4. Use lemon to rub the salt mixture from the body and get rid of rust.Wash, dry and use as usual.

The second method: vinegar* Ingredients° white vinegar+ to prepare1. Cover the body with white vinegar. If the item no longer contains liquid now, put it in a large bowl or bucket and submerge it in the vinegar.2. Soak the frame overnight.3. Filter the vinegar and wipe the body dry. If you have any hard spots of rust, scrub them with a rag or brush dipped in vinegar.4. Wash, dry and use as usual.

The third method: cleaning with soap and potatoes* Ingredients° Dishwashing soap° potato slice+to prepare1. Dip the potato slice in the dish soap.2. Rub the body with a slice of potato until the rust is gone.3. Wash, dry, and use as usual.Method 4: Baking soda and water* Ingredients° baking soda° water+ to prepare1. Generously sprinkle baking soda on the rusted piece until it becomes a thick layer.Pour enough water over the baking soda to make a thin paste.2. Using a pad or brush, rub the composition on the tire until the rust is completely gone.3. Wash, dry, and use as usual.

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