Nomophobia: Why You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone

phone addiction1Are you addicted to your cellphone? Do you get anxious when it is out of battery? Do you always carry a charger around with you in case it dies? If you answered yes to these, you may suffer from Nomophobia.

For most people, the phone is a companion that prevents them from feeling alone or in an uncomfortable situation. Nomophobia is the consequence of these bad reflexes that have worsened to become a refuge for us to relieve an emotional malaise.

We end up looking for messages or emails even when we have not received notifications, just to avoid a certain situation, and we even become unable to answer a message as soon as it happens.

With these premises, we can establish some parameters that will help you realize if you are suffering from what is known as Nomophobia:

– You always have your phone in hand, even when you are with your friends or family.

– You constantly and impulsively check to see if someone has texted or emailed you.

– When you’re with your friends, you always have your phone in your hand. Sometimes, you aren’t able to follow the conversation because you’re already talking to someone on your phone.

-You feel isolated and panicked when your phone turns off due to lack of the battery or because you do not have an internet network.

-You frequently check your phone impulsively and unconsciously to verify that a message or email has not arrived.

-You are the first to publish what you think or what you do and you always look at the number of “Likes” you can receive on your publications.

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