New Science Finds That Coffee Reduces Breast Size (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Generally, for most girls, having big boobs may be proud of the thing. While pursuing a flat-chest is also interesting and distinctive. According to the research, drink black coffee can reduce breast size. If you want to shrink your boobs, just drink 3 cups of black coffee a day. Too much caffeine can affect the … Read more

15 Surprising Uses for Eggshells

The next time you make breakfast or bake a cake, I’d encourage you to hold onto your eggshells instead of throwing them out. As it turns out, an eggshell has many other amazing uses besides the container for an egg yolk. These are 15 surprising uses for eggshells for your home and garden.  1. Eat … Read more

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Lower Blood Pressure

If your average blood pressure is greater than 120/80 but less than 140/90, that qualifies you for the diagnosis of “prehypertension,” a condition that affects tens of millions of Americans. According to a recent expert consensus called the JNC-7, people in this category definitely need some form of intervention; otherwise they have a significantly elevated … Read more

People Are ‘Stripping’ Their Towels, And The Results Are Equal Parts Fascinating And Disgusting

Do you ever get the feeling that no matter how many times you wash your towels, they’re never actually that clean? Well, you’re right. There’s a new viral cleaning trend sweeping the nation, and it’s called “stripping” your towels. This method involves soaking your towels in a combination of cleaning products, and the water that … Read more

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Birthday Cake Recipe

The only birthday cake recipe you need is here Funfetti white chocolate cake We’re working on birthday recipe ideas for you to recreate and enjoy with your loved ones. Ingredients 340g Whole eggs 180g Granulated sugar 180g Cake flour 75g Butter 1 tsp Vanilla extract 100g Edible Confetti 300g Butter 120g Egg white 180g Granulated … Read more